Engineering, design and drafting

Peak North America Construction (PNAC) specializes in providing professional engineering, design and drafting services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. With our expertise and advanced tools, we deliver custom designs that adhere to industry standards and ensure optimal functionality.

Project Management

We offer comprehensive project management solutions to oversee and streamline the entire project process. Our dedicated team ensures efficient coordination, timely completion, and adherence to the highest quality standards, providing you with peace of mind and a successful project outcome.

Mechanical Installation

Our experienced mechanical team ensures the seamless integration and smooth operation of your mechanical systems. We handle the installation of sub-structural steel, equipment, and alignment with precision, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

Foundation / Concrete

Trust our team to deliver comprehensive services for concrete foundations. From detailed planning and precise formwork to the installation of reinforcing steel/embeds and meticulous finishing, we provide solid and durable foundations that meet rigorous structural requirements.